By Kelli Campbell

“Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.”  Philippians 4:4

God has been so good to my family!  Not just in the last few months but always!  I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my life lately so this writing will, basically, be a small reflection of those thoughts.

 God saved me when I was 18, after hearing the Gospel, clearly, for the first time.  I have a hard time understanding how some people do not accept Jesus, as their Saviour, after hearing how He suffered and died for our sins so we can be together forever with Him in Heaven.  It is so simple.  I wanted salvation the first time I heard it.  God changed my life forever and I am so thankful.

Since I got saved, God has taken me and my family on a wonderful journey.  God has graciously allowed us to serve Him in ways I never would have dreamed.

The way has not always been easy.  There have been many tears.  I am thankful for each one.  Each tear has, hopefully, made me a better me and drawn me closer to the Lord.  Some have been tears of joy, some of victories, some of heartbreak, some of fear, and many of them because I am just soft hearted.  Pass the Kleenex please!

I was so very convicted this week as I listened to Kerby preach.  He was telling about some of the many miracles God had done in our lives.  To be quite honest, at the time, I had been having a little pity party because of a certain circumstance that I have not been too happy with.  He began telling story after story of how God had met many needs, showed us His will, and, well…just miracle after miracle.  I was convicted because I had forgotten about all of these.  They were in the past.  I was able to rejoice about these past things, as he was telling them, because Kerby brought them to my remembrance.  I had tears of thankfulness for each one.  I rejoiced at how amazing my God is to do such great thing in our lives.

Even though I was thankful, I felt like a terrible Christian for wallowing in self pity when God has been so good to me.  One would think I would still be on “cloud nine” from God healing Kerby a few months ago, from an incurable disease, but my “circumstance” was getting in my way of rejoicing.  How soon we forget God’s miracles!  I am especially thankful for everything God has done for us these last three years as Kerby’s suffered with Arachnoiditis.

It is easy to rejoice when things are great, God just heals your husband or He does a fabulous miracle but I know God is trying to teach me to rejoice IN the “circumstance” not ABOUT the “circumstance” even if I do not feel like it.  It seems this is a lesson I need to learn over and over.  The Holy Spirit was speaking to my heart telling me that I have a choice ~ I can be sad about this “circumstance” or I can learn to rejoice, in my daily life, even though I cannot change a thing.

I do not want to be a depressed person.  I love to laugh and have a good time.  God gives us freewill.  I can mope around the house and be sad about something I cannot change or I can carry on, rejoicing, in the life that I do have.  How hard this is sometimes!

I decided I would rejoice IN this “circumstance,” that I cannot change, and made some changes IN ME.

These words are some of my thoughts and how I have been trying to work on me.  God has given me so much to be thankful for.  I can remember them and rejoice in them!  I know God is doing miracles right now in my life and He will reveal them in His time.  I want to rejoice in them too!

Life will constantly give us hard things to deal with.  I can choose to be sad or “Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.”  Rejoicing is really just a choice.